RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe maintains and shares up-to-date profiles on each of the States and Territories within the Wider Caribbean Region.  These profiles contain key critical information regarding the status of ratification and implementation of each Convention, emergency notification contact information, focal points and more.

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POC: Director General

ABG. Roberto E. Cardona

Edificio PIETRA, Col. Florencia Sur, Boulevard Suyapa, Bloque C, 1ra Calle, 1 y 4ta Ave. Contigüo a ALUPAC; Apdo.

Tegucigalpa, MDC., Honduras, C.A

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504 22398228

504 22398221
504 99165024


  • CP Last updated:
    24 April 2015
  • NCP Status:
    Adopted in September 2014
  • NCP Last updated:
    2014 Evaluated with the Readiness Evaluation Tool for Oil Spills (RETOS™) in September 2014

Recent activities

To promote its objectives, RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe conducts national and regional activities throughout the Wider Caribbean Region

  • Sint Maarten & Anguilla National Contingency Plan Workshop
    October 19 - 21, 2021
  • Nicaragua National Contingency Plan
    July 06 - 08, 2021
  • Dominican Republic National Contingency Plan Workshop
    June 29 - July 01, 2021
  • Panama National Contingency Plan Workshop
    June 23 - 25, 2021